Accessibility Statement

Ryedale Festival Trust Ltd. – Access statement 

Ryedale Festival offers support for those with compromised mobility and/or restricted access needs.  Please note however, that many of the venues that are used during the festival were built in a period before access issues were well recognised, and consequently some may not be equipped for everyone’s needs.  To help you decide which of our events you will find accessible; information will be shown on the Ryedale Festival website and also on the ticketing platform for each venue. 


Wheelchair positions will be provided in each venue where circumstances allow, and front-row access may be available upon request. Please be aware that if we feel that a venue does not provide safe access for those with mobility issues – we will say so. Some venues have level access throughout, whilst others have ramps and/or lifts for access, but all suitable venues have aisles with adequate width to allow for wheelchair passage. ‘Companion’ seating may be available alongside designated wheelchair positions.  


Seating dimensions and spacing varies from venue to venue and is also dependent upon whether the seating is formed of fixed pews or moveable chairs. All seating spaces are approximately 50cms wide.  Many venues with pew seating do not have cushions, and (especially where longer performances are planned) it may be helpful to bring your own small cushion or seat pad for greater comfort. 

Ticket pricing 

If you have a ‘Registered carer’ then tickets for yourself and your carer can be bought on a ‘Two for one’ basis for most venues. The term ‘Registered carer’ follows the guidelines on the Government’s website https://www.gov.uk/carers-allowance/eligibility 

Assistance Dogs 

Assistance dogs are welcome to stay with you in many of the auditoria that we use – but please contact the Box Office in advance to confirm arrangements. 

‘Loop’ hearing systems 

Please note that ‘Loop’ hearing systems are not typically used in concert performances. 

Contact with Box Office 

If you wish to visit the Ryedale Festival Box Office (e.g. for ticket purchase), a wheelchair accessible lift is available to gain access to the office on the 2nd floor in the Memorial Hall, Potter Hill, Pickering 

We try to accommodate all access requirements, but please let us know if you have any special needs as soon as possible, and at least 72 hours before you arrive at an event. If you have any queries not already addressed here: please call us on 01751 475888 or email contact@ryedalefestival.co.uk