The Ryedale Festival is supported by a large number of generous individuals whose help means that we can use our funding directly towards putting on the finest events.

One of the biggest tasks before the summer is the distribution of the Festival brochure around the towns and villages of the Festival’s area of operation from Scarborough to Thirsk, from York to Lastingham.  If you could take some brochures for distribution in your local area that would be most appreciated.  They are not delivered door to door, but to local information points; churches; halls; surgery waiting rooms; hotels and inns.  If you know anywhere where publicity for events is displayed, we should be advertising there.  Boxes of brochures will be available to collect from the three Easter concerts or can be delivered to your address if you would prefer.  Many hands make light work.  It is useful, though, if you could specify the area you will cover so that we do not duplicate our efforts.  Remember that many places do not want to receive too many but I find a return visit after two or three weeks will often see them accepted more willingly: “They went very quickly”.

 If you have spare bedrooms, you may be able to offer bed and breakfast to visiting musicians.  In most of Ryedale, this is usually only for one night, but the opera cast and musicians are with us for 6 to 9 days rehearsing and performing in the theatre at Ampleforth College.  For this large group of people we try to find accommodation conveniently within reach of the College to minimise transport problems.

 Of course if you are able to help with the transport of your musicians (many of them arrive by train) that would be a bonus.  You may even like to offer help just with transport.  For double bass players large vehicles are needed but singers and pianists travel light.

 We provide first aid cover at events and you would be more than welcome if you could help here.  Training would be provided and there will be a course laid on, probably in May or June this year.

 Then there is coffee, bar, programme selling, …

The only job which will guarantee you a free seat is that of page turner for a pianist.  It could be you?

  You would enjoy being a volunteer.  It is a great feeling to be a cog in a successful machine and you should make many good friends.


Gerard Simpson

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers are at the heart of the festival, helping with transport, accommodation, stewarding, hospitality, brochure distribution and many other essential tasks, as well as enjoying the events! If you would like to become involved then please fill in the form Volunteer Form  and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .