York Press - 2nd November 2017
'[..]The result was marvellously accurate – and spellbinding. Elder’s Prelude heralded the full panoply of the work. Its mood-changes were reflected chorally: a bone-shattering climax to Praise To The Holiest, but also prayerful pianissimos and – best of all – the daredevil precision of the Demons’ notorious fugue. [..] David Butt Philip brought dignity and resonance alike to his Gerontius, desperate facing death, resigned thereafter. Take Me Away was masterly. Claudia Huckle’s Angel showed her true heft in the Elysian Fields. Neal Davies was a stentorian Priest and an impassioned Angel of the Agony. The orchestra ebbed and flowed with supreme confidence.'
Martin Dreyer - York Press